page title icon Totopara: A must-Visit Picnic Spot in Dooars

If you want to witness the lifestyle and culture of one of the renowned tribes of West Bengal, Totopara is the place for you. Surrounded by daunting hills, quite near to Indo-Bhutan Border and beside the riverbank of Torsa, Totopara proves to be an ideal picnic spot. Far away from the clutch of urban life, come explore this scenic hamlet with your friends and family.

History of Totopara Village

The name “Totopara” derives from its local people itself. A distinguished tribe of India named Toto live here in a vast majority. Hence, Totopara Village has a unique culture and traditions which are worth witnessing.

It is quite near to Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. Due to its mesmerizing people, several Jaw-dropping picnic spot and calm atmosphere, tourist is visiting Totopara Village in huge number.

Totopara Tourism

Totopara, being a newly found jewel in Dooars, still a virgin destination to be explored entirely. The travellers rush towards it is still quite low. Hence, the serene ambience can be enjoyed. Inhaling the oxygen-rich air will make your mind and soul quite pure. Totopara Picnic Spot can be a great destination to hang out with your friends and family after a long time.

Things to Do in Totopara Village

Blessed with a scenic location, Totopara Village offers hefty of things to do to its tourists. Some of the worth mentioning activities to do are:

Stroll around the Totopara Village

Strolling around the Totopara Village could be a lifetime experience. Walk alone or with your loved ones while enjoying the serenity is going to be heavenly.

Enjoy Picnic at Totopara Picnic Spot

Totopara is recently known for its mesmerizing picnic spot. People from all around the state visit Totopara picnic spot to have a joyful picnic.

Get to Know the Culture of Toto Tribe

Toto tribe has a very interesting tradition and Culture. Their family system is quite unique too. Monogamy is the common form of marriage but they can also indulge in Polygamy marriage. Surprisingly. love marriage is also common in the toto community. However, they are strict when it comes about divorce.

Totopara Homestays

Many accommodation options are available at Totopara Village. Many resorts, homestays and hotels are available to book. Moreover, it is advisable to book your hotel room before visiting this tiny abode. you can take help from any tour operators.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

From Totopara, you can explore lots of tourist attractions. You can visit Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Madarihat, Bhutan Border, etc.


Totopara, the ancient home of Toto tribe is like a complete package to its tourists. From a unique picnic spot, tranquil atmosphere, pleasant weather to plenty of nearby tourists attractions, Totopara has them all. So, it will not be a bad idea to include Totopara in your next visiting holiday list.

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