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More than 100 km away away from Siliguri, Paren is a breathtaking hamlet. Nestled amidst the River Jaldhaka and the hills of Bhutan, it is a pot of beauty where nature speaks.

A lovely settlement with greenary all around, trekking through the alpine forests on one side and flowing river on another attracts thousand of travelers towards Paren. If you want to get relief from the daily work stress and pollution of the city, this is the place to try.

Paren is located on Indo-Bhutan border which has recently transformed into one of the best offbeat places. This holiday treat your soul the joy it needs and give relaxation to your mind by visiting this fascinating abode.

What makes Paren a popular offbeat destination?

  • Rambling rivers, thick wood forests and view of Dooars plains are the most famous attractions in Paren.
  • Besides that, Rachela Pass Trek is the most popular trekking route in this hamlet.
  • Along with trekking, you can enjoy the exotic species of birds flying freely from one boundary to another.
  • Paren has several bird species such as Himalayan birds and other migratory birds.
  • Another speciality of Paren is the natural lakes all around the village.
  • You can witness many small lakes in this village.
  • There are also lush green tea gardens in Paren due to which visitors flock in large number every year.

How to Reach Paren

  1. By Train

You will find several trains from your city to New Jalpaiguri. This is the nearest railway station from Paren. After reaching the New Jalpaiguri railway station, you can take a car or cab to go to Paren.

Paren is situated at a distance of 97 km from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) and the journey takes an hour or so.

2. By Air

It is easier to book the flights from your city to Bagdogra airport. from the airport, you can take a taxi to reach Paren.

3. By Road

Paren is accessible from Jaldhaka and Siliguri. You can hire a private car or taxi from Siliguri which is located 100 km from Siliguri.

Places to Visit & Activities to Do

  1. Rachella Pass

Passing through Neora Valley National Park, this is one of the most popular trekking routes for trekkers. While trekking, you can enjoy the pleasant views of Lava and Alubari.

2. Nature walk

Paren is home to medicinal plantations and dense forest. You can take a long nature walk to Rongo and Gairibas along with the sight of rich green medicinal plantations. Apart from that, you can also watch colourful and beautiful birds in this region.

3. Safari

Paren is not only a place of nature but also has many species of animals and birds. If you are the lover of photography, it is the perfect destination to take pictures of some really innocent animals. Garumara and Chapramari are two popular wildlife sanctuaries which offer the facility of car safaris.

You can go for a car safari with a group of 4 to 6 friends and take photos of different animals roaming freely in the sanctuaries.

4. Hydel Power Station

The pretty sound of smooth flowing River Jaldhaka will remove stress from your mind. Besides that, you can visit the 1st Hydel Power Station near this river. At this place, you will witness the stunning views of Bhutan hills with amazing terrains and greenery covering the whole region.

5. Todey

Just 9 km away from Paren, Todey is far away from the city crowd. It is a less trodden destination, also known to be the Gateway of Neora Valley National Park.

6. Tangta

Tangta is another tiny village situated approximately 35 km away from Paren. To see nature at its best, you can visit the hamlet. You can see Cardamom Curing Center and a great view of hills and jungles from here.

Best Time to Visit Paren

Although Paren has a beautiful climate for all through the months, the best time visit and feel its touch is during the summer season. Summers are delicate and you can take the fun of various activities like trekking and bird watching.

Rainfall is heavy in this place due to the mountains and plains. It is advisable not to visit Paren during the rainy season because of landslides and waterlogging problems.

Apart from the summer season, you can visit this region during the winter season. The real entertainment to watch this place starts in chilly winters.

Accommodation in Paren

Since Paren is a petite village, you definitely want to know the facilities for food and stay. Paren has an array of cottages for visitors. These cottages have a double bed or triple bed facility. You can book a cottage online beforehand as they are fully occupied during the vacations.

These cottages have both AC and NON-AC rooms. They provide all basic amenities including hot water for a bath, food, TV, and others. Moreover, Paren Nature Resort can be also a great choice to stay in.

If you want some discounts on booking of cottages, you can do it in advance depending on the number of persons.


Until now, Paren has not come to the attention of the people due to which you can enjoy the unpolluted and pure environment. It is a quiet place without distracting noises of vehicles, industries or traffic jams.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your holiday fast and explore to enlist one more offbeat and ravishing place of Dooars in your holidaying list.

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