page title icon Kalijhora: Know Why It is the Best Tourist & Picnic Spot Near Darjeeling

Situated beside the riverbank of Teesta, there is a less trodden destination called Kalijhora. It is a tiny village just 28 km away from the heart of the bustling city Siliguri. Surrounded by the dense forest and the astounding mountain in the backdrop, Kalijhora captivates every kind of travellers towards it.

If you are one of them who loves and seek tranquillity amidst nature, Kalijhora is the place for you. A tiny hilly retreat, it is a great camping grounds for picnics and other activities.

Kalijhora means “black stream” in the local language. It has gotten its name from the shallow river that flows down from a height of 550 feet. As it comes from a high elevation, it rushes towards Teesta with the immense force. The colour of the waters of the Kalijhora is little black whereas the colour of Teesta is blue. The River Kalijhora flows by the side of the PWD inspection bungalow. Rambijhora, another river near it cascades at a distance.

How to Reach Kalijhora

Surrounded by the lush green forest, situated on the edge of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, you can reach Kalijhora quite easily. The journey towards this tiny yet mesmerizing hamlet is going to be the memorable one. You will have to drive through the forest of pine, sal and segune trees while meandering Teesta will accompany you all the time.

If you are coming from Kolkata or any other nearby states of India, board a train to NJP. From NJP railway station, Kalijhora is just 33 km away. Those who prefer a journey by air can have a flight to Bagdogra. Bagdogra airport to Kalijhora distance is more than 40 km. Cars are easily available to hire from these two stations.

What makes Kalijhora an Ideal Tourist Destination?

Kalijhora, the perfect destination near Darjeeling never fails to hypnotize its visitors. This serene point stands for relishing the solitude of nature and lazing beside the Teesta. Those whose minds are busy because of their intense lifestyle will surely find peace here among the unspoiled greenery of Himalaya.

Stroll around this scenic village, listen to the melodious chirping of the Himalayan Birds and the river Teesta. Indulge yourself in river-rafting or see boats floating and keeping the pace with the speed of the gushing Teesta.

In the evening, the serenity of Kalijhora will increase more than anything. The melodious chirping of Himalayan Birds will and the song of the cricket will begin. The vibration will be dissolved in your mind and you will get hypnotized. The pristine beauty of this destination in the night will make you amazed and help you create wonderful memories to cherish for the lifetime.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

From Kalijhora, you can visit plenty of nearby tourist attractions. Mongpu, famous for its cinchona cultivation and scenic attractions, is the first one to visit. Moreover, this is the settlement where Rabindranath spent his holiday. Latpanchar, another hilly abode is just 13 km away from Kalijhora.

Why returning, you might stop at Sevoke. The Sevoke Kali Mandir located beside the Highway is worth visiting. Moreover, just a little away from Sevoke Kali Mandir, Coronation Bridge is another alluring attraction made over the Teesta River.

Where to Stay

Homestays are available to book. Government Forest rest house and resort is also available to stay. Moreover, PWD Inspection Bungalow is another accommodation option you can choose.

Best Time to Visit Kalijhora

You can visit this scenic destination at any time of the year. But if we talk about the best time, it is from October to April. This time the weather stays charming. You will get a chance to view the mesmerizing mountain peaks.

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