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Hongkong Market in Siliguri
Hongkong Market (Source)

If you are recently planning a tour to Siliguri but know nothing about Hongkong Market, you should know about this bustling yet quite attractive market before trying shopping here.

As the name suggests, the market is quite renowned for imported goods from countries like China, Thailand, Nepal and even from Bangladesh.

Hongkong Market, being one of the cheapest shopping destinations, attracts many travellers and locals to try shopping here. Congested with countless shops, different banners and colourful lights, the unique charm of Hongkong Market is hard to ignore.

Hongkong Market Siliguri Location

Hongkong Market, located at Siliguri in the state of West Bengal, is one of the favoured shopping destinations of North Bengal. It is Situated at Don Bosco Colony beside Satyajit Roy Colony Rod in Siliguri.

Things to Do and See

As it is one of the most crowded markets in Siliguri, you can do and see plenty of things while wandering around this market.

  • See a huge collection of clothes, shoes, and other materials.
  • Stroll around the market and stop at the shops to bargain.
  • See various Chinese electronic products.
  • Test your bargaining skills while bargaining in different shops.

Getting There

As Siliguri Hongkong Market is a famous shopping destination, you will not find it difficult to reach there. Several autos and even totos are available.

After reaching NJP, you can hire a taxi or opt for a shared auto to reach the market. The distance from NJP to Hongkong Market is just 4.5 km.

Furthermore, after landing at Bagdogra, you can hire a taxi or auto to reach this market. And the distance from Bagdogra to Hongkong Market is just 13 km.

Timings of Siliguri Hongkong Market

Hongkong Market, due to its intense popularity starts early in the morning at 9 am and closes at 10 or 11 pm daily. If you are a shopping enthusiast, do visit Siliguri Hongkong Market between these mentioned timing.

Moreover, unlike other markets in Siliguri, it stays open even on Sunday. Hence, you can visit this market any day of a week.

Some Tips While Shopping Here

If you are going to buy something from this market, the undermentioned tips will help you out a little.

  • Shopkeepers or vendors always ask for a higher price, somewhat double from the actual price. So, you have to bargain with them to get the actual price. Otherwise, you may get cheated.
  • Don’t just ask for the price at a single shop. Keep asking multiple vendors to get the best deal.
  • Always check the thing you are buying if it is original or not. Otherwise, you may end up buying a duplicate product.