page title icon Dreamland Amusement Park

Dreamland Amusement Park as the name suggests is one of the finest amusement parks in Siliguri.

Located on the outskirts of the heart of the Siliguri city, this is one of the favored tourist destinations to get rid of the daily life’s jostle.

While having a tour to Siliguri, it should be in your visiting checklist.

Things to See in Siliguri Dreamland Amusement Park

Constructed far away from the always busy city crowd, there are many things to see in Dreamland Amusement Park. Some of the fascinating things to see are

  • There are a bunch of rides and swings.
  • A beautifully decorated gate to welcome travellers like you.
  • The two giant elephant statues in the entrance of the gate.
  • Beautiful fountains which increase the beauty of the park.

Things to Do in Dreamland Amusement Park

Being an ideal tourist destination, there are many things to do in Siliguri Dreamland amusement Park. Some of the thrilling activities to do are:

  • Try various rides and swings that you are undoubtedly going to fearfully enjoy.
  • Peaceful leisure walks while admiring serene ambience of the park.
  • Try boating on the artificial river-like lake.
  • Try delicious fast foods from the parks’ stall.
  • Watch kids playing while sitting on a bench.
  • Capture some beautiful moments in a photographic form that you can cherish forever.

Getting There

Dreamland Amusement Park can be reached by road quite conveniently. It is located exactly at Fulbari Ghoshpukur Canal Road, Rahamu, West Bengal and just 16 km away from the main town of Siliguri.

From Siliguri, hire a taxi or auto to reach Dreamland Amusement Park in and around 4 minutes.

Moreover, NJP is the nearest railway station at a distance of 12 km. Whereas, Bagdogra is the nearest at a distance of 19 km from Dreamland Amusement Park.

Dreamland Amusement Park Siliguri Timings and Entry fee

The Park usually opens at 10 am daily and closes at 7 pm. However, the schedule of the opening and closing times may differ sometimes for many special occasions.

The entry fee of Siliguri Dreamland Amusement Park is Rs. 80/- per head.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

After spending some quality time here at this Park, you may try visiting these below-mentioned destinations:

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The breath-taking view of the surroundings and screaming while riding on a water coaster, this amusement park will undoubtedly make you amazed.


So, as you can see, the park is a must-visit destination while holidaying in Siliguri. But wait, if you live in and around Siliguri, what are you waiting for?

Just make a plan with your friends and family right away to spend a memorable day in this amusement Park.