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Placed beneath the gigantic Himalayan ranges, Dooars has plenty of picnic spot which fulfils the dream of every traveller. Dooars or you can say the “Entry to Bhutan” is the graceful tourist place for explorers. Surrounded by uneven flowing streams and beautiful tea plantations, Dooars offers elegant scenic views, some of the best picnic spots and much more.

This place comes between Eastern Assam and Northern Bengal. It is the landlocked region on 3 sides and water locked on one side. The other specialities of Dooars are low hills, wildlife sanctuaries, and awkwardly shaped plains. So, in the following paragraphs, let’s describe everything as well as the Dooars picnic spot name.

Weather and the Best time to Visit Dooars Picnic Spot

Dooars has beautiful weather throughout 12 months. As it comes near Himalayan mountains, the climate remains perfect for travelers for the whole year. However, if you still want the best period to visit Dooars, it is from September to May especially in the months of November and December. During these months, you will not only enjoy the pleasant weather but also enjoy the various scenic spots.

As far as possible, avoid visiting Dooars from June to August. This place gets heavy rainfall and you may not get the chance to explore the different spots of Dooars and have your dream picnic.

What Makes Dooars so Popular?

Since years, the main attractions of Dooars remain the wonderful national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and Jaldapara forests and the best picnic spot. Mind-blowing nature is what makes Dooars a famous honeymoon spot among couples and hiking place for explorers.

The exterior parts, as well as interior places of Dooars, are worth watching for teens and adults. Buxa and Gorumara are some of the most visited exterior parts of Dooars. If you have a real interest in discovering the untouched and remote areas of Dooars, do visit Chilapata, Samsing, and Raimatang.

Are you fond of long nature walks? Then Dooars will surely please you. It has ample paths where you can just stroll along with friends, spouse or family members. Nature walking has its own fun in Dooars. As you walk through thick forests of this region, you will witness the picturesque villages of Dooars.

If you want to forget all the work stress and worries and take enjoyment solely in nature, take a walk around the nice villages of Dooars. Moreover, you can spend some time near the constantly flowing river.

Tips to follow after reaching Dooars

  • Once you reach Dooars, make sure that you have an honest and friendly tourist guide with you.
  • Before choosing the tourist guide, you need to check his personal background by asking some local people about him.
  • If you love hiking, do not forget to carry hiking boots while going to Dooars. Simple boots or shoes may harm your skin and cause cuts.
  • Dooars faces extreme cold winters in the months of November and December. So, you must carry sweaters, shawls, mufflers, and caps to cover your body to protect from cold.
  • You must carry some dry snacks and water while going for walking, hiking, or trekking.
  • It is not alright to carry fewer clothes while going to Dooars but do not forget a camera. You cannot miss the chance to capture the awesome places of Dooars.
  • You will need cash all the time while your stay in Dooars as there are no ATM centers or banks.

How to Reach Dooars

  1. Air

You can take a flight from any major city in India to reach Bagdogra airport. This airport is located at a distance of 83 km from Dooars. You can get a cab or taxi from the airport to reach Dooars.

2. Train

There are 2 railway stations near Dooars. One is New Jalpaiguri railway station and one is Madarihat. You can book a train ticket from any city to these railway stations. From these railway stations, you can hire a shared taxi or private cab to reach Dooars.

3. Road

There are plenty of connections to reach Dooars by road. You can easily hire a cab from cities such as Siliguri and Darjeeling. Besides that, you can also take state government buses to reach Dooars from various cities.

You can go by walking to explore the small villages of Dooars. Additionally, there are buses to reach Dooars and remote places.

Best Picnic Spot in Dooars

  1. Rishop

Rishop is a small village having a mixture of national parks, pine forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and trekking routes. Kanchenjunga lies near to this village and it offers a breathtaking view during sunrise and sunset.

Besides that, Rishop has orchids and birch forests. Neora Valley National Park is one of the most important places in Rishop. Tiffindara is very near to this park offering stunning scenic beauty for trekking. Due to its scenic beauty, Rishop is the important destination in the thriving tourism of Dooars.

2. Tea Resorts

Dooars and its tourism are apparently popular for rich green tea gardens. Nya Sylee tea estates will soothe your mind. The mesmerizing greenery of Nya Sylee tea estates is a must-watch in Dooars. The tranquil ambience of these tea gardens acts as a popular picnic spot in Dooars.

3. Lava

Covered with white clouds throughout the year, Lava is another beautiful important village of Dooars Tourism. It has Bhutanese style monasteries and Nature Interpretation Center. Apart from that, you can view the old trade route from Dooars to Bhutan.

4. Gorumara national park

Lying in the Terai region, Gorumara National park covers the large area. It has vegetation and grassland. One-Horned Indian Rhino is found in large number in Gorumara national park.

5. Rocky Island

This island is located near River Murti. It is a quaint place for camping and trekking. The crystal clear waters and flawless nature will drive you crazy.

6. Samsing

Samsing, the gateway of Neora Valley National Park proves to be a popular name when it comes about picnic spot in Dooars. Rocky Island, Suntalekhola, Neora Valley can be reached quite easily from here.

7. Raimatang

Located in the fringe of Buxa Tiger Reserve, Raimatang is another renowned picnic spot in Dooars. The rich flora & fauna of Raitamang and being quite near to the Buxa Tiger Reserve makes a perfect tourist destination.

Where to Stay While Picnicking in the Best Picnic Spot in Dooars

You can choose resorts to enjoy a lavish stay in Dooars. Besides that, you can book a 3-star or 5-star as per your budget and number of members. You must book the rooms before the trip in order to get the proper accommodation. Luxury, Deluxe, Budget moreover, AC and Non-AC, every kind of accommodation are available.


Dooars is a calm place where your stress, anxiety, and worries will diminish forever. It is the paradise to live most golden times of life with family and friends. Explore Dooars and feel its countless beautiful scenic spots. As you now know about the name of Dooars picnic spot, it will not be a bad idea to plan a picnic soon.

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