Alipuraduar is a scenic town in the Alipurduar District of West Bengal. It is on the foothills of Eastern Himalaya and is nestled on the bank of Kaljani River. Alipurduar with its ever-growing tourism is thriving rapidly as a favoured tourist spot in West Bengal. 

Surrounded by green Lush tea gardens, mighty Himalaya, Bhutan and Dooars’s prominent sightseeing places, Tourists always give it a try to Alipurduar Tourism while visiting Dooars. 

In the following paragraphs, we will give you a detailed idea about the tourism of Alipurduar and what are the tourist attractions you are going to discover while having a trip here. 

What Makes Alipurduar a Thriving Tourism Hub?

Alipurduar is the gateway of Bhutan and the North East States of India. It holds countless historical significance. The district of Alipurduar was once the trading centre of the silk route. 

In the early days, Col Hedayat Ali Khan used to rule this town and also fought a war with Bhutan. Moreover, the name of the town also derived from the name of that renowned persona.  

Alipurduar is adjacent to Bhutan, Assam and Dooars. Due to its perfect location, It can act as a base for the travellers who want to travel further in the northeast province of India. Moreover, the nearby tourist attractions, scenic hamlets and green lush forest can be easily accessed from here. 

Tourist Places in and around Alipurduar

Alipurduar with its unique charisma & serene ambience has bewitched the minds of many travellers. 

Located at about 18 km away from Alipurduar, Buxa Tiger Reserve is a verdant forest. It acts as a natural shelter of many wild creatures and birds. 

Wild creatures like deer, Bison, Elephant, etc. can be sighted here during jungle Safari. Moreover, it houses a large proportion of the Royal Bengal Tiger too.

Buxa Fort is another alluring site near Alipurduar. It is a famous trekking point and was once a mesmerizing architecture now in ruins. 

Rajabhatkhawa, just 15 km away from Alipurduar is a famous tourist spot gaining popularity quite rapidly. Nature Interpretation Centre and Tiger Rescue Centre of Rajabhatkhawa attract plenty of tourists.

Coochbehar, another historical town is just 26 km away. Rajbari, Madan Mohon Temple, Baneswar Shiva Temple are the most prominent sites over here. 

The Rasik Bill of Jalpaiguri is just 34 km away from the main town of Alipurduar. It is a huge lake attracts plenty of migratory birds. 

Phuentsholing, the adjacent town of Alipurduar in Bhutan can be explored from here. Ammo Chhu, the Crocodile Breeding Center, etc are some of the tourist attractions over here.

If we talk about the tourist spots in Alipurduar, they are Rabindra Shishu Udyan, Alipurduar Park, Yellow Stone in New Alipurduar, Eco Park, Parade Ground, Milon Mela Relaxing Places for Oldages, etc.

How to Reach Alipurduar?

Bagdogra is the nearest airport of Alipurduar at a distance of 150 km away. Daily flights are available from many major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.

Train service is quite good here at Alipurduar as it has its own Railway Station. The nearby railway stations are New Alipurduar and Alipurduar Junction. 

The most convenient way to reach Alipurduar is by road. Frequent buses are available from Siliguri, Bagdogra, Coochbehar or any other adjacent cities. You can take a bus or taxi from Siliguri to reach Alipurduar. The distance from Siliguri to Alipurduar is approximately 156 km.

Where to Stay

Alipurduar, being the gateway of Bhutan and the thriving tourism hub, offers plenty of accommodation options. Visitors can opt for budget, deluxe or luxury resort, hotels in Alipurduar. Most of the hotels or resorts of Alipurduar are quite cheap and affordable.